We Are The Lambeth Boys

Another highlight from the BFI 3 disc DVD collection of films from the cruelly neglected ‘Free Cinema’ movement.

‘Free Cinema’ was the banner under which 6 programmes of short, essentially documentary style films were shown at the National Film Theatre, London between February 1956 and March 1959. The “Free Cinema’ group came together with a shared aim to show the types of films they had been making – often independently of each other – but which all shared a certain attitude. The films were often shot on tight budgets with single, hand held camera and limited sound equipment. The filmakers also, shared an interest in subject matter, and shine a light on people and places previously unseen on film. They combine to offer an unrivalled, straight up view of an ever-changing post war Britain.

Shot in 6 weeks across the Summer months of 1958 ‘We Are The Lambeth Boys’ follows a group of teenagers in and around Ashford House youth club in South London.

The film documents their lives, hopes and aspirations. Filmed at work and play the film offers a great view of teenage Britain just before the teen-boom royally exploded.

Watch it here but do yourself a favour and  investigate the BFI Free Cinema box set here


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