Subbaculture – New Home

Subbaculture has a new home ! We’ve updated the site and because i’m too thick/scared to attempt to move this new design/layout to the old url we are now here under a slightly new name. Same mix of street style looks and scenes, still obsessed with why a certain style of shoes means the difference between a YES! and a NO!, why the records you buy go hand in hand with a particular hairstyle and jacket cut, still chasing down expanding upon, and celebrating the creativity of street led style movements. Old site archives remain where they were for now at least and I’ve copied over some decent-ish bits from there to here.

Aside from this the main news is that issue 5 of the zine is well underway and set to appear in a month or so’s time. Bizarrely there are still a handful (It’s in single figures at least) of issue 4’s left which you can pick up here

As always keep in touch, you can hit us up here with comments, news, pictures, anything you think might interest us. As always big thanks for your continued support and for anyone that stays the fuck away from JJB or the brand Superdry for their look. Stay smart – KTF People!

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