Men’s File: A Modern Magazine Tracing the Roots of Style


Having missed out  on issue 1 i’ve ensured I’ve been quick out of the traps on picking up photographer Nick Clements excellent ‘Men’s FIle’ ever since.

The magazines masthead calls it ‘ a modern magazine tracing the roots of style’ and over 15 issues and counting it has proven to be exactly that. Since Clements first started publishing his magazine ideas of vintage and retro style have crept swiftly into and across the world of mainstream fashion but it’s important to recognise that Men’s File is not a ‘fashion’ magazine. The word ‘style’ in its masthead is key. It remains a magazine documenting something in direct opposition to floating fads and the promotion of lazily picked and re shaped elements of genuine street style.

In the opening editorial of the latest issue Clements makes that clear – “Men’s File readers are doers more than watchers” – it’s here that the word ‘modern’ in its subtitle becomes clear. Whilst the magazine deals with vintage style it truly celebrates the obsessive nature of the genuine torch bearers of those scenes, people with a heartfelt belief in the correctness of style from every angle, people with an urge to do things right.

Whilst the fascination and influences from those the magazine features may be from the past, it’s from deep within those histories that clearly spark the desire to create something new and vital. Something in opposition to the ever quickening world of pick-up-put-down charade of trends and fashion, a glorious extension of the idea of style as an alternate world.

More info on Mens File here

Issues are available from a whole bunch of online outlets – last few issues for me have been delivered hassle free and swiftly from the legendary Lewis Leathers




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