sub_ctmgroupA quick shout at to a couple of our zine stockists. On board from pretty much day one was Craig from working class streetwear brand Closer Than Most. With its beginings in a small boutique in Manchesters Afflecks Palace the Closer Than Most label has been quietly documenting, from the ground up, working class street style through a series of limited edition offerings including button down shirts and polos alongside a bunch of graphic t shirt releases.  Each item delving into and celebrating classic scenes and well loved, iconic clothing items of specific eras. The tees feature some great looking, original illustrations, printed up in the UK, in limited numbers – there tees are a riotous graphic celebration of terrace and street culture. Alongside our zine the online store periodically stocks a number of mags for the terrace and street fashion conscious – oh, and they’ve got some killer full print bucket hats that come highly recommended ! Def worth checking out and spilling some of your hard earned on. Check out their latest collection of gear here.




Also on board to help with distro are Gamma Clothing whose online store boasts a bunch of sweet soul (and jazz) tees for true modernists and sixties beat freaks, including colabs with DJ Gary Crowley and The Delicious Junction crew, alongside books and dvds and an always-updating selection of used/vintage clothing. Dig in to there current range here



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