Suave Collective New Releases




Author Jason Brummell’s ‘Suave Collective’ Publishing house have just announced the release of two new exquisitely formed paperbacks for the autumn.

My Generation’ is a memoir from original sixties mod Dave Dry (with a forward from Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson) whilst the second release is jazz beat poet Jason Disley’s debut novella ‘Seven Day Fool’. Available for pre-order now with a special deal for this smart enough to put their names down for both books. Shipping in a months time and i understand they’ve been printed in a limited quantity so they-won’t-and-you-shouldn’t hang about.

Pre-order direct from Suave Collective HQ here

The previous 3 suave releases are still available on a killer deal from the subbaculture shop (where you can also order copies of Jason Disleys poetry books) here

oh and the best place to find out more about Jason Disley is via a great interview on the Monkey Picks website here

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