Suave Collective

The publishing imprint of mod author Jason Brummell. Jason is the author of two self published, excellent  fictional tales set in mid sixties – all about my girl and all or nothing. Expanding on his experience of book publishing, writing and print he established Suave Collective imprint to offer an outlet for other writers to publish there work. Aside from his own titles he has recently issued a book by Pete McKenna on George Best. Jason is also involved in the publication of Ready Steady Girls, alongside fellow noted authors Mark Baxter and Ian Snowball, a book that looks at Mod across the years from a female perspective.

For passion, poise and perfectly formed paperbacks hook up with the suave collective here.

Yr Heart Out

The Yr Heart Out website is the ongoing project from writer Kevin Pearce. Available to download are 50 issues of yr heart out publications covering a variety of musical styles, making new connections between sounds and the artists who craft them. The   whole project reaches a peak in the trilogy of books published recently – A Moment Worth Waiting For, You Know My Name and A Cracked Jewel Case. All three are mines of information, building on stories and recollections to join the dots between disparate eras and sounds to explore and reveal new avenues and connections.

Kevin has also frequently collaborated with Saint Etienne and Heavenly films and is the author of the much sought after and revered book ‘Something Beginning With O’. His writing never fails to interest, intrigue and educate.

Dig in to the Yr Heart Out collections and buy books here

More info and further writing projects can be found on Kevins website here

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Edward Ian Armchair

Poet, songwriter, artists and punk idealist Ed Armchair featured in issue 3 of the subbaculture zine. His piece on punk spreading across the country, its influence beyond London perfectly echoed how quickly the core ideas of that scene spread and how important those ideas were for people outside of the nations capital. Eds list of creative projects and various bands is long and varied

A full list of Eds bands, photographs and poetry is archived here

For info on his current project InSurGentZ head here

Days Like Tomorrow Books

Over the last few years Sheffield based author Tony Beesley has been steadily writing and releasing books covering all manner of subculture shenanigans. As well as a couple of his own recollections on growing up in the seventies and his spirited journey via pink into the mod revival he has also documented the Sheffield punk and alternative scene. His Days Like Tomorrow publishing company also produced the excellent Sawdust Caesars-Original Mod Voices, a weighty volume that collected together for the first time reminisces from mods of all eras – original sixties devotees, mod revivalists and right up to the present day. It remains an essential guide for anyone interested in the mod subculture. More info on the Days Like Tomorrow site here

Sam Knee

Author, vintage clothing afficianado, menswear designer and music style archivist Sam Knee appeared in issue 4 of the Subbaculture zine.

As well as collating tomes on vintage t shirt design Sams last two book releases have collected together images and stories behind britains numerous street style tribes. ‘A Scene Inbetween’ covered an array of looks from the early 80’s independent music scene in the UK whilst his current book ‘The Bag I’m In’ sought to define visually the history of  street fashion. Sam is currently working with Heavenly films to produce a film based around the independent pop scene introduced in his earlier ‘A Scene Inbetween” book.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of the excellent ‘The Bag I’m In’ book here

Monkey Picks

Writer, DJ and music obsessive Mark Raison’s neat blog Monkey Picks remains an essential bookmark for your browser. Mark regularly posts a mix of gig and book reviews, all with a sixties theme that delves much deeper and wider than that suggests – mod, freakbeat, jazz and soul all feature plus if you’re ever stuck for something decent to listen to his monthly playlist will rarely fail to point you in the right direction (as will his radio show ‘Monkeys Wandering Wireless’)

Check out Monkey Picks blog here

Tune in Monkeys Wandering Wireless show here

Peter Jachimiak

Peter is a regular contributor to the subbaculture zine writing on all manner of stuff including parisian mods in the sixties, the london acid jazz scene, cycling shirts and a host of book reappraisals. Elsewhere Peter continues to assist and research sleeve notes on various CD re-issue compilations and hosts a regular online radio show with Steve Johnson, The Loose Goose, where he frequently dips in to his extensive archives to cover a wide range of topics connected with music, films and books.

Catch up with The Loose Goose radio show online here

Closer Than Most

With its beginings in a small boutique in Manchesters Afflecks Palace the Closer Than Most label has been quietly documenting, from the ground up, working class street style through a series of limited edition offerings including button down shirts and polos alongside a bunch of graphic t shirt releases.  Each item delving into and celebrating classic scenes and well loved, iconic clothing items of specific eras. The tees feature some great looking, original illustrations, printed up in the UK, in limited numbers. They also stock a number zines for the terrace and street fashion conscious Check out Closer Than Most Here

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Mark Mortimer

Dream Factory and DC Fontana mainman Mark Mortimer contributed to issue 4 of the subbaculture zine on his experiences across the eighties in the world of mod. Alongside continuing playing and recording with both those bands he can also be found playing bass with Don Fardon in a continuation of sixties freakbeat heroes The Sorrows as well running a successful booking agency for a wide range of musicians. Outside all of this he is currently working on his first book.

Keep up with all Marks varied activities here