With its roots in the smoky, modern jazz clubs of Londons Soho modernism spread and mutated across the capital in the early sixties. Once working class kids got a hold of the scenes core ideas of individual style, immaculate presentation and an obsession with detail the thing spread like wildfire.

Subsequent phases of development moved mod towards the masses and a change in look. By 63/64 much of the subtelty of presentation was gone and the hordes of identi-kit parka clad youths who fought with rockers on the beaches of Englands south coast were clearly of a new breed. The clothes and style obssesives drifted away towards a dandified, faux hippy look with a strong interest in vintage/revival clothing. In reaction to this a strain of ‘hard mods’ mutated their look even further. By 79/80 a mod revival had emerged on the streets of Britain, it’s participants, energised by the original punk rock scene but looking for a truer version of working class street style than the art/intellectual end of punk.