Teddy Boys

Whilst post War Britain still bore the scars of bomb damage and the bewilderment at what had recently passed a new generation of youngster was emerging from it’s rubble strewn streets. Contrary to popular myth the wildly dressed teenagers that began appearing in isolated packs across London and the North of England were not the product of American rock n roll influence. The originators of what would become known as Teddy Boy emerged several years earlier. Towards the end of the 1940′s Londons exclusive fashion houses on Saville Row had begun to push a new style to its customers in an attempt to move away from the casual, laid back influence of American style of the day. Aghast at these new influences these arbiters of taste looked to combat this by looking back to pre-war styles, those of the Edwardian period – incredibly smart tailoring with a fastidious attention to detail and quality and whilst these did hit their intended market, in a bizarre turn of events this upper class look began to find favour and grow with small pockets of working class kids all over London. This new teenage generation of youngsters set out to create a new world for themselves, one that mocked the austerity of the times with a new vibrant, forward looking attitude that would drive a wedge into perceived adult thinking of the day and create one hell of a generation gap.